“Unforced Errors in the Desert” (2013)

Art installation by Joachim Coucke (*1983, B)



Since “Liebaert Projects” acquired the old industrial building at the Liebaertlaan in Kortrijk, after some renovation, it became time to realize the first permanent art- installation in the big space. This honor was contributed to a very promising young Belgian artist, Joachim Coucke, from Waregem (Born in 1983 in Kortrijk, works and lives in Waregem)

Without any compromises he combines basis material with discarded elements of our new digital technology. This constant dialogue he uses in all his work. The challenge for Joachim was the size of the space in this case (72 square meter) and to create a monumental installation in a large part of this.

Impressed by images of electric and electronic wires as a plaiting on stakes and trees in big third world counties and cities like in Bangladesh, India and many others, grown out of poverty. The artist displaced this real image and let us experience this in the Liebaerthall, adding two hanging palm trees in the installation. On top, in a Western environment, where we all try to hide these utility stuff under the ground in order to have an illusory clean aspect. This contrast creates a feeling of astonishment and confusion .  It became a monumental installation, full of poetry, connected to the real meaning of modern communication. The palm trees have a double function, referring to the situation in the third word, but also strange in our regions and in this specific environment.

This multi-layered installation on meanings is very intriguing and in perfect harmony with the iron cross-beams and roof or the building itself. It is a special experience to walk under and through this unique in situ work.


PS 6 editions (on 20) of Joachim Coucke available (made in the spirit of the installation)



J. Liebaertlaan, 1b

8500 Kortrijk


Mail: Gery.vantendeloo@skynet.be

Organization: “Liebaert Projects” vzw